Intubation Science, Inc. is a privately held emerging medical device company focused on developing a new device and a new approach for the placement of endotracheal breathing tubes, one of the most common procedures in the world. The LightSpeed Intubator™ System (LSI) presents a novel approach to a serious problem. This new approach combines individual components into a new unified system designed to make intubation more accurate, rapid, and easy to accomplish. Regardless of the degree of training, experience, or skill, any operator will find this new way of doing things superior to current methods.

Management of a difficult airway remains one of the most relevant and challenging situations encountered by anesthesia and emergency practitioners, as major adverse consequences can occur if the airway is not correctly secured in a timely fashion.

The LightSpeed Intubator™ System with Optical Stylet synergizes the disparate technologies comprising current standards of care into a single, integrated system. LSI adds direct endoscopic visualization via the Optical Stylet to ensure rapid, accurate deployment of endotracheal tubes wherever needed – in the O.R., E.R., ICU, Outpatient Center or in the field by EMTs or Combat Medics.

Speed is the key, and the LSI’s accuracy assures quick, reproducible outcomes.

FDA Disclosure

FDA REGULATORY DISCLOSURE: Intubation Science, Inc. is an emerging technology company. These products are investigational medical devices that have not been approved or cleared for use in the United States.