There are over 40 million Endotracheal Intubations performed annually with nearly 2 million being complex and challenging to perform. We estimate that of all in and out-of-hospital intubations, 10% are considered difficult or failed.  This accounts for 4 million attempts per year that would benefit from alternative intubation strategies. 

  • Up to 28% of all deaths associated with anesthesia are due to the inability to mask ventilate or intubate
  • Poor laryngeal exposure occurs in 1.5% to 8.5% of adult laryngoscopies
  • Clinical studies report that in emergency out-of-hospital intubations, up to 25% of endotracheal tubes are misplaced, with 66% of misplaced tubes being placed in the esophagus
  • Difficult endotracheal intubation accounts for 17% of respiratory-related injury and results in significant cost morbidity and mortality

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